Personal Protective Equipment

IAlloys has partnered with the largest PPE mask and glove producer in China to sell and distribute high-quality PPE products across North America. With annual revenue in the billions of USD, our production partner has been publicly traded since 2004 and is currently supplying hundreds of millions of units worldwide.    

Level 3 Medical Surgical Mask product is FDA 510(k) approved and ships from our Michigan warehouse.

Nitrile glove, Face Shield, and Gown products will also be available for shipment from stock during 2021.

L3 Medical Surgical Mask

  • The L3 Medical Surgical Mask is a high quality, high performance product that has been approved by the FDA under section 501(k).  

  • The L3 Medical Surgical Mask product is fully compliant with FDA Medical Device 21 CFR 878.4040.

  • L3 Medical Surgical Mask performance has been verified by independent testing at Nelson Labs, a leading global provider of laboratory testing for medtech and pharmaceutical companies.

PPE Key Points of Interest

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing reduces costs and provides our customers with substantial cost savings while allowing for control over the entire process from raw material to finished product.

Laboratory, Medical Device Manufacturing and Quality Management Certifications under ISO17025, ISO13485, and ISO9001.

Level 1 Surgical FFP2, KN95 and AA disposable mask products have EUA Approval.

The only Chinese manufacturer with a technical center and PPE warehouse based in the USA.

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